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Choose Early, Often, and Wisely!

Martez special guest on Conscious Millionaire Podcast. “Choose The Clients that are Right for YOU” Clink link below to listen


Choose The Clients that are Right for YOU!

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Choosing a target market is usually one of the most difficult and most rewarding things service professionals will have to do, early on. Yeah, I understand how this can be tough. How do you choose, right?

Most people DO have a target market, however in many cases,  the target market is too broad.

There are others who say “well, I can’t decide so I’ll have two target markets”… I don’t recommend this, especially if you’re starting out in your business.

Oh! there’s one more… “Every one needs my product or service, so everyone is in my target market”… I really wouldn’t go there, it makes my friend here panic.







1. You will know where to find potential clients

2. Your clients will know that you’re there to serve them

3. You will be able to tap into established networks of communication


Knowing where to find potential clients

If you do just a little bit of marketing all over the place, you can’t create enough awareness to build a sustainable business. But if you do have a target market, you’ll know where to find potential clients. You are able to identify what associations and clubs they belong to, what social activities they engage in, what publications they read, and who the current influencers are over that target market. Then you can direct your marketing toward those areas by speaking, networking, and direct outreach. And when you show up there, whether physically or virtually, they know you’re there to serve them.

If you don’t have a target market, then where do you do your marketing? Where do you go when you get up in the morning.  Posting your business card on the bulletin board at the dry cleaners is not a marketing strategy.


Making prospects aware of your commitment to serve them

Your target market needs to KNOW that you’ve dedicated yourself to helping them. They need to FEEL that you are committed to helping people just like them, in their specific situation. This way, when you show up, in person or in cyberspace, they KNOW you are dedicating yourself to them, and they will sit up and take notice. When they like you, your message will spread very quickly throughout their network.


Tapping into established networks of communication

Nowadays, virtually every target market has some type of network of communication already established. If you consistently show up in that network, you will reap the benefits of these hubs of communication. Your prospects and clients will speak about their success using your product or service, and they will spread the word.

However, if you only show up once over here and maybe once or twice over there, your potential clients will never KNOW that you’ve dedicated your life to serving THEM…and that’s what you’re going for.

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The Fastest Way to Come Up With Blog Post Ideas That Delight Your Readers

It’s nerve-wracking, right?

The thought of trying to come up with an idea that’ll make your blog post go viral – or at least get noticed?

You’re worried that the ideas you’ve come up with won’t hit the spot.

That people won’t really care about what you’re talking about.

So, how do you make sure people care enough to actually read your blog posts?

There’s actually a super simple solution that’ll pretty much guarantee that your audience will want to read and share your posts.

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